Terry Miles is an award-winning Writer/Director/Producer, and the president and founder of Minnow Beats Whale. He's also a novelist, comic writer, producer and podcaster.

As Writer/Director/Producer, Terry's had three feature films premiere at TIFF, and has been nominated for ten Leo Awards (Producing, Writing, Directing, Editing, and Cinematography). Terry founded The Public Radio Alliance which features the hit podcasts: TANISRABBITS, and The Last Movie. He also co-created The Black Tapes Podcast and directed a western starring Donald Sutherland and Christian Slater, an action movie starring Steve Austin, Danny Trejo and Serinda Swan, and more. He's also written and directed numerous award-winning short films, web series, and alternate reality games. 



Nic is the host of TANIS, and one of the senior producers at the Public Radio Alliance and Pacific Northwest Stories. Prior to PRA, Nic was a producer for National Radio Alliance. Nic is also a senior producer at TANIS and The Black Tapes. He was born in Canada and currently splits his time between Seattle and Vancouver.


Mackenzie Howard is the woman responsible for creating the Public Radio Alliance back in the nineteen seventies. She started at the BBC, spent a number of years in Toronto working for the CBC, and eventually made her way to the Pacific Northwest. She was instrumental in designing the way we continue to research and design our investigations today. She was one of the founders of what we now consider Public Radio. She retired after the fire and political machinations that resulted in the Public Radio Alliance being, as Howard herself put it, "essentially wiped from the world." 



Carly Parker began working at the Public Radio Alliance as an intern while still attending college. She became an associate producer during her second stint at PRA, many years later. With her new show, RABBITS, Carly is back as a Producer. We're excited to have her home with us at PRA, and we're excited to hear what she comes up with next. 




Hollis Adams Lane is absolutely not on the internet. We had a really hard time convincing her to allow us to include her name on this website. She's a wizard in an edit bay, a creative and dedicated producer, and a technology denier (although, she is looking forward to self-driving cars...she hates driving in traffic).



Associate Producer, Thomas Heminger joined the PRA team in between the third and fourth Seasons of TANIS